Tim Nassen

Master's Bodybuilder

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  • 2018 NPC Midwest Championships- 2nd (Masters +50)
    2017 NPC Battle of the Bodies - 2nd (Masters +50)
    2016  NPC All Star Championships - 2nd (masters +50)
    2016  NPC Duel of Champions - Champion (masters +50)
  • 2016  NPC Muscle Mayhem - 2nd (masters +50)
  • 2015  NPC All Star Championships - Champion (masters +50)
  • 2015  NPC Mr. Missouri - Champion (masters +50)
  • 2013  Kansas Strongest Man - Champion (masters)
  • 2011  Dino Gym Strongest Man - Champion (masters)
  • 2010  Kansas Strongest Man - Champion (masters)
  • 2009  Missouri's Strongest Man - Champion (masters)
  • 2008  Topeka's Strongest Man - Champion (masters)
  • 2008  Mid West Strongest Man - Champion (masters)
  • 2007  Nebraska's Strongest Man - 2nd (masters)
  • 2006  KC Strongman Ironman of the Year

"I have recently started taking PEAK ATP.  On training days I take a 400mg dose about a half hour before I hit the gym.  I am a volume trainer by nature and have found that since adding PEAK ATP to my pre-workout routine I have increased my muscular strength and endurance in the gym.  Being a volume trainer these two benefits are particularly important to me, as both will equate to more muscle on stage when it comes time to compete.  PEAK ATP is a quality product that will continue to have an important place in my pre-workout routine."

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