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TSI is a world-class manufacturer of innovative and functional health products for human consumption. TSI strives to create the highest quality products that maximize and maintain active, healthy lifestyles for consumers.

Since 1996, TSI has excelled in developing and manufacturing quality dietary ingredients and finished dosage products. TSI is committed to employing state-of-the-art operation systems and infrastructure to deliver best-in-class proprietary health products that are functional, safe, and efficacious.

As part of our commitment to developing and bringing innovative and, most importantly, safe ingredients to market, TSI invests in our own clinical research and collaborates with strategic partners who do the same.  Each ingredient is backed by a comprehensive technical dossier of clinical studies safety information and technical specifications.

To complement our proprietary, evidence based, branded ingredient offerings TSI provides formulation development expertise and custom manufacturing solutions to better service our customers’ needs.

To learn more about TSI's other product lines, capabilities or services visit www.tsigroupltd.com.

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