As the benefits of PEAK ATP® occur acute to exercise and over time, in both resistance and endurance athletes, whether consumed before or during exercise – a range of product options is important. 

  • Powder enables an effective combination with BCAAs, protein, or a CHO-e solution and supports a primary format used pre-or during exercise. 

  • Capsules and tablets enable mature consumers to personalize consumption, particularly on non-training days, in addition to complementing a high repertoire of other products. 

  • Additional formats such as gels, chewing gum, carbohydrate chews, and effervescent tablets broaden application to endurance exercise, and the ‘during’ exercise occasion.

Furthermore, the relatively small dose of PEAK ATP® (400 mg) needed allows an efficacious dose to be used, whether on its own or as part of a product matrix (i.e. pre-workout). Therefore, PEAK ATP®  can form strong combinations with related ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine.


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