Looking Forward to a Year of Gains.

Posted on January 8, 2015 at 12:00 AM

2014 was full of incredible opportunities, challenges and blessings. Looking back, beyond 2014, I’m reminded of how much I’ve achieved as an athlete and the incredible progress I’ve made since recovering from a traumatic accident in 2011.   The accident shattered both my legs, leaving me with countless artificial rods and pins which were not removed until late 2013.

Prior to 2013 I was gaining strength in many areas, yet the doctors still noticed incredible strength deficits in my quadriceps. In addition to a lack of strength, I was unable to perform impact activities like running and jumping, which was a huge adjustment for me. My joints were creaky, achy, and I felt like I was falling apart. I was informed that early arthritis was inevitable, but with an activity level exceeding that of most people, I felt as if my joints already suffered from arthritis.

Rod removal is risky and I heard plenty of horror stories, but after researching my options I prayed about it and decided it was worth the risk. I underwent two separate surgeries, the right leg in October 2013 then the left leg in December 2013. The pain wasn't as bad as the nausea I experienced, and the recovery was the worst part.  I felt physically capable to do things but was prohibited from any sort of activity, which was extremely difficult considering my activity had already been limited for months on end.

The relief I experienced when the doctor finally gave me the okay to begin light activity was indescribable. I wanted to be just as strong as I was before, but the progress was slow. After my first attempt to get back to my hard-core bodybuilding ways I realized just how much my body relied on the rods and how, unfortunately, they limited my growth. The artificial supports had become a part of me and adjusting to life without them proved difficult.

I met my husband at the beginning of last year. He challenged me to jump, to try CrossFit, and other activities I was unable to do for 2 1/2 years. It was terrifying. From jump rope, to small box jumps, and Olympic lifts, I was incredibly intimidated and weak; yet for the first time since the accident I was actually able to jump and jog. It was mind blowing.

I discovered PEAK ATP in 2014 and I am forever thankful! I have always been a supplement skeptic, but PEAK ATP is scientifically proven and has proven to be incredibly beneficial in my training process. I have been learning and working on Olympic lifts and the increase in strength and power I've seen within a matter of months is significant. PEAK ATP has helped me so much in my recovery I'm honestly stronger than before my accident in which both legs were shattered. My body composition is changing and I'm making obvious lean mass gains in my legs and shoulders.

It's a new year, and with determination and PEAK ATP I'm excited to see what fitness gains and progress I can make this year!

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