Breaking Personal Records

Posted on April 7, 2015 at 12:00 AM

A few weeks ago I made my annual trip to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio where I was fortunate enough to compete with some of the best deadlifters in the world at the BetaTOR/PEAK ATP International Pro Deadlift.  It was exciting to represent team BetaTOR in my fifth competition at the Arnold Classic and third time competing at the Pro Deadlift. 

Before the meet I had a great training cycle and was excited to show it on the main stage. Mentally preparing for this meet, I chose three weights I knew were competitive and that I was capable of.  I opened with 782 lbs., which felt heavier than it should have but I figured it was because of the 25 minute wait between our warm-up and the time we pulled our first deadlift.  I stuck with my game plan and took 826 lbs. for my second attempt, which felt much better than my opener.  I had my mind set on pulling 859 lbs. for my third attempt in order to beat the next highest deadlift record of 854 lbs.  On my third attempt I stood up with 859 lbs., giving me the win for the heaviest pull of the meet!  In addition to a fifteen pound personal best lift I cracked the top 20 all-time record in the deadlift 275 pound class.  I was also awarded third place for the best pound for pound lift (Wilkes division).

While getting ready for the Arnold I had great results combining BetaTOR with the PEAK ATP.  The combination helped me recover faster and allowed me to pursue my next goal sooner.  Both supplements continue to be key in preparations for my next competition - the 2015 North American Powerlifting Federation Championships held in Canada this summer.  My goal is try to break the IPF World Record deadlift in the 264-pound class. 

As someone who just broke a personal best, I highly recommend getting on the BetaTOR/PEAK ATP stack to anyone wanting to improve recovery, strength or stamina.  I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress for the North American Powerlifting Championships with more blogs and videos.

-Nick Weite

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