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Posted on July 21, 2015 at 12:00 AM

The last few months have been a whirlwind. It started on May 30th where I competed in a weightlifting meet in Denver, CO. I got first place and was named best overall lifter. Considering all my training has been focused on the GRID League and CrossFit, it was extremely cool. Somehow the word must have gotten out because the next day at our gym (CrossFit Pandora's Box) 75 athletes attended one of my Enderton Strength Seminars. It was a crazy day!

June is when things really started to take off. From June 1st-June 14th I was in San Jose, CA for a Grid League training camp. The Baltimore Anthem drafted me and man has it been a hard, but fun, transition. I learned so much in those two weeks working with athletes like Elizabeth Akinwale, Dmitry Klokov, Alec Smith, Molly Abgarian, Luke Espe, Christine Wagner, Loree Thornton, and more. It was quite an experience and an awesome opportunity to work with perennial CrossFit Games athletes and Olympians.
Training was super intense; we had two-a-days for five or six days of the week. My supplement regimen was critical to ensure I recovered quickly (especially when working new skills/energy systems). I took (and still take): Protein, creatine, HMB®, PEAK ATP®, and fish oil. Those are the staples of my supplement regimen and I wouldn't be able to adapt to the training volume without them. In addition to a supplement regimen, my diet was key. We were able to stop at Whole Foods each day which also improved my recovery time. 
Our match just aired on TV and we were barely beat by the New York Rhinos. The Baltimore Anthem is a new team to the GRID league this year and our lack of experience showed late in the match. We learned from it however, and will come back strong for the rest of the NPGL season (Aug 9-Sept 20). Those games will also air on NBC Sports. 

The craziness didn't stop there though. Six days after the match (June 20th) I flew to Boston for the American Weightlifting Federation Nationals. I won my weight class and got 3rd overall for best male lifter. The funny thing about that is, since my training has been focused on other areas, my main weightlifting training now happens at meets! A total change from earlier in my career. Nationals were awesome and it was a really fun trip.

The next weekend (June 27th) - I did my first real CrossFit competition since I've been training for it. I placed 3rd place in the pro division and am super happy with that. Considering I placed 3rd with only 3 months of training was a huge confidence booster for me!

The next weekend (July 4th/5th) I went to Kansas and did 2 more competitions! I won the CrossFit Competition and the Weightlifting competition. It was really just a fun day, grilling out, and enjoying the fireworks afterwards. The next day I did a seminar which was a great way to end the 4th of July weekend! 

Most recently I flew to Georgia to film an online Enderton Strength Seminar. This is very exciting and something I've been working on for months. By September all of my seminars will be available online which will drastically reduce my traveling time and hopefully present fewer hiccups in my training! I'm excited to not only offer value to people who don't live near a seminar location, but also to be able to focus more on my training. 

I travel every weekend for the rest of 2015, except for three weekends, for seminars and competitions. I could go into the rest of my detailed schedule of Crossfit Games, Grid Training Camps, etc… but I'm sure you're sick of hearing of that by now, ha ha. Love what you do and never work a day in your life! 

If you have a crazy schedule like me - recovery is even more important than your training. Pay attention to your diet, sleep, and supplements. Keep the supplements simple but be consistent! 

- Jared Enderton

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