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Q: Hey Tim, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to chat with us!  First off, tell everyone a little bit about yourself?
Tim:  Not really much to tell- just an average old guy who still likes to compete.  I started lifting 42 years ago in my basement and have stuck with it since then. I have had the privilege of competing in Strongman, powerlifting and currently bodybuilding.  

Q: You’ve had an array of sports you’ve participated in over the years… how did one lead to the other?  And which sport has been your favorite?
Tim:  I have been lucky and participated at a fairly high level in the iron sports I listed above.  Powerlifting came about as a part of my “off-season” Strongman training.  Bodybuilding happened because I lost the ability to compete at high level in powerlifting and Strongman due to some injuries.  Each of these sports has something special to offer and I feel fortunate to have been able to experience each of them.  I guess if I had to pick a favorite it would be Strongman.  Try as you might, there are few feelings like pulling a semi-truck or loading a heavy atlas stone.  The comradery with fellow competitors was incredible.  I always looked forward to big training days and competitions.

Q:  What are some of your most memorable moments?
Tim:  Winning 2015 NPC Mr. Missouri (Master’s 50+ Class) was probably the most memorable moment.  I went against 6 other experienced and seasoned athletes.  It was my first bodybuilding contest, and I trained and prepped myself for the show.  Going into it my main goal was not to embarrass myself.- Once I got on stage I felt like I had a chance to place in the top four, but was shocked and elated when I was announced the winner!

Q: Now that you’ve switched over to bodybuilding, how has your training style changed and what do you like about bodybuilding more than other sports?
Tim:  Since switching to bodybuilding I have added more moderate rep schemes (8- 12 reps for me) into my workouts, I always do at least one basic compound exercise in the strength ranges (3-5 reps), but then add in moderate sets, time under tension sets, FTS-7, drop sets or blitzes to finish my workouts.  The challenge of bodybuilding is unbelievable and indescribable.  My diet must be evaluated daily along with my workouts.  There are continual ebbs and flow to it.  Evaluations and adjustments are a constant and bodybuilding definitely requires attention to detail.  There are few breaks from the diet once the prep period starts.  The constant challenge of it is part of what draws me to it.

Q: When getting ready for a contest how do you avoid those yummy baked goods that your wife is always making?
Tim:  Great question, most of the time I have the ability to walk away from all of the awesome food she makes.  Once I get into contest prep mode I look at the diet as part of the training.  I would never skimp on a workout and won’t allow myself to “skimp” on the diet part either.  They truly go hand in hand in bodybuilding.  I always tell people, “The gym is the easy part- the work starts when you walk into the kitchen.”  

Q: How has PEAK ATP played a part in your training and contest prep?
Tim:  PEAK ATP is a huge part of my contest prep.  I’m volume trainer by nature; with PEAK ATP I can actually feel myself getting stronger as the workout goes on. I have the energy and strength required to complete all my workouts.  I feel that my recovery from workout to workout is also much improved with PEAK ATP, allowing me to take fewer days off as contests approach.  

Q: If you weren’t competing in bodybuilding what do you think you would be doing?
Tim:  If I hadn’t discovered bodybuilding I guess I would be a really broken down powerlifter.  I’m pretty sure I would still be competing to some degree in something.

Q: Now for some fun questions, if you had to pick a theme song to be introduced to what would it be?
Tim:  I wish it could be Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood, but that is just wishful thinking.  In reality it would have to be Glory Days by The Boss because I know my best days are behind me.  I posed to that song for my first bodybuilding contest and thought it was apropos.  Hard to beat Bruce!!

Q: If you had a night out anywhere you wanted and could do anything that you wanted (no money or time limit), what would it be?
Tim:  Easy question… my wife and I at a beach bungalow in Cancun.  We would like to stay for a few days, if that’s alright!

Q: Now that you and your wife are semi retired do you have any bucket list things you plan to do?
Tim:  Eventually we would like to winter in Arizona or some other warm climate state.  See a few places that we have only read about and just enjoy a different paced life.  We are pretty content with what we have.

Q: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
Tim:  I’m not sure, I’m a pretty transparent person.  I guess if I had to pick something, it would be that I have the same trait that many fairly successful people have - fear of failure.  I hate and fear failure more than most. In Strongman or powerlifting I never “threw fits”, I never “made scenes” on the outside when I had a poor or disappointing performance, but on the inside it would eat me up and drive me to work harder and improve.  Over time, the fear of failure has driven me to work harder, it has made me become more focused in my life, and it has helped me to understand goal setting and planning.

That’s a great way to turn a fear into a positive.  Thanks Tim for your time and we wish you the best with your upcoming training prep!

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