CrossFit Games South Regionals Recap with Jared Enderton

Posted on June 7, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Q: First off, congratulations on qualifying for Regionals! That is a huge accomplishment especially for just starting to focus on CrossFit this past fall. What made you decide to make the transition from weightlifting to CrossFit?
JE: Thank you! The plan was always to switch to CrossFit after the 2016 Olympic Trials. However, in early 2015 I realized I wasn’t going to be in a position to make the Olympic Trial team. I’m a very analytical guy so I pulled the plug a little early on my weightlifting career to focus on the Grid League & CrossFit. So far I think it’s been a good gamble!

Q: What was competing at your first Regionals like? Were you nervous?
JE: It was a great learning experience! I’m always nervous but it’s good nerves. It tells me that I care about it. The weekend just went by so fast - I couldn’t believe it was over!

Q: What was your favorite event and why?
JE: I should say the Snatch Ladder because ended up taking 1st in that event, but my favorite event was #6 (The Chipper).  Having to grind through all those elements and push the burpees towards the end was a blast. Then walking to that last bar to do 5 OHS with wobbly legs was pretty exciting, haha. That event was awesome.

Q: Is there anything in your game plan that now looking back you would’ve changed?
JE: Honestly probably not. I knew going in that there were some events I should do well on & other events that I’d struggle on. I really tried to capitalize on my strong events & push as hard as I could on the others. I did better in each event than I did in training, so, performance wise I was very happy with the weekend! I just need more training. :)

Q: We also want to congratulate Tamara and you on your recent engagement! Very
happy for you both! What made you decide to propose at the Regionals?
JE: Thank you!  Haha, I just figured it was as good of a time as any. CrossFit Pandora’s Box, the kids, our pets, coaching, training - it’s our life. So, when the kids were at the event I figured it would be a great opportunity!

Q: What’s next for Jared now that Regionals are over?
JE: Our Grid League season starts in August so I’ve started training really hard for that. Of course, I’ll be dual training for Grid & next year’s CrossFit Open. I am planning on doing a few local CrossFit competitions in Denver this year also.

We wish you all the best with your Grid season and again congrats to the newly engaged couple!

Learn more about Jared and his athletic background here.

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