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Posted on July 15, 2019 at 12:00 AM

There’s no reason to not workout just because you can’t make it to the gym.  Use these 5 exercises from Erin Stern to build your own at home workout!

We’ve all had those days where you simply run out of time to hit the gym. Or, you might be traveling and don’t have access to a gym. But all is not lost! With these 5 exercises, you can still manage to work out anywhere. If you’re used to just lifting weights, you may find that these exercises even make you sore! 

Here are my top 5 do-anywhere exercises:

1.       Plank

Planks not only train the “6-pack,” but they work the musculature under the 6-pack. The transverse abdominis acts as an internal girdle – strengthen it, and you will enjoy a much stronger core and even a smaller waist!

Planks are also versatile. You can do standard planks, side planks, add in rotations, leg lifts, and even certain lifts. Plank rows are a great way to train the back while strengthening your core. Start off with a 30-second hold, and increase from there. 

Click here for some demos of different variations.

2.       Wall Sits

Wall sits are deceptively difficult. I love them for targeting the quads and for improving mental fortitude. In addition to increasing the duration of the wall sit, you can also place weights on your lap. This can be anything from a dumbbell to a water jug or anything heavy you have around the house or hotel room. Start with 2-3 minutes and add time as you get stronger.  Also be sure to get your legs to a 90-degree angle to really feel the burn. 

Click here for a demo.

3.       Lunges/Lunge Variations

You can get a workout with just lunges if you’re really creative. All of the different variations target different muscle groups. Walking lunges get your heart rate up and can be done anywhere that you have a hallway. Otherwise, stationary lunges work just as well. Some effective variations include front lunges, reverse lunges, side lunges, curtsy lunges, and lunges with leg lifts. Start with 12-15 reps per leg, and add exercises or reps as you progress. 

Click here for some different variation ideas.

4.       Pushups

You can train your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core with pushups. This exercise also has tons of variations. Looking to hit triceps a little harder? Try diamond pushups. If you want to hit the upper chest, decline pushups provide a challenge and can help build beautiful muscle. If you’re just getting started, or are training to failure, pushups on your knees are a good option. Begin with 3 sets of as many reps as possible (AMRAP), and progress from there. 

Click here to view variations for all different levels.

5.       Squats

The “king of exercises” can be done anywhere. High reps of body weight squats can tone the legs and glutes, and get your heart rate up. Use variations to target specific muscle groups if you want to amp up your training. Sumo, or wide stance squats, will hit the inner thighs more. Heel-elevated hack squats or sissy squats target the quads and the quad sweep. Graceful plie squats help to work the calves. Combine squats and squat variations with lunges, and you will effectively work every muscle in your legs. To get started, try 3 sets of 20 reps with just your body weight. Add in variations and/or hold weights for more of a challenge.

Click here to view a variety of bodyweight squats.

Even when training at home, I supplement with PEAK ATP 30 minutes before I train. Since body weight offers less resistance than traditional weight training, I’ll add partial reps, slow negatives, and isometric holds to make the exercises more difficult. Of course, the wall sit is an isometric exercise, so I’ll make the exercise more interesting by actively shifting my weight and focusing on holding with specific muscles. You can do one exercise at a time, or go through the entire list as a circuit. If you’re doing one exercise at a time, aim for 3-4 sets of each exercise. If you’re going through the list as a circuit, you can do it 2-3 times. Try to perform one exercise after another, and you’ll also get a great cardio workout in!

With a little creativity, you can get a great workout in anywhere. Thank you for reading! Until next time, train hard, y’all!

  Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia | TEAM PEAK athlete












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