Unique Lifts You Should Be Doing

Posted on April 9, 2021 at 12:00 AM

The human body is very good at adapting to a given stimulus, so there is a need to constantly vary the stimulus in order to keep adapting (i.e. gaining strength). Former Strength & Conditioning Coach Bryan Dermody is here to share some unique lifts to mix into your routine to help you continue to make gains.

Pallof Press Single-Leg RDL

I consider this movement a must in a warm-up on deadlift day. It can be performed for regular concentric reps, pauses at the bottom of each rep, or with an eccentric emphasis (for example, a 5-count on the way down). This is a great movement to practice “layering,” or working a combination of purposes in the same movement. With this movement you get:

  • Posterior chain strength
  • A unilateral movement – great for correcting imbalances between one leg and the other
  • Hip stability
  • Knee stability
  • Spinal stability – In fact, this movement enhances spinal stability in one of the weakest positions of the lumbar spine

Here is a demo video for reference.


This is more of a category of movement than just one single movement. The individual carries weight on the back, at the sides in hands, in front of the body, overhead, etc. Similar to the pallof press single-leg RDL, carries combine a number of different training emphases: grip strength, shoulder stability, core strength, single-leg strength and stability, etc.

Here are a list of different carries to add to your repertoire:

Uneven Loaded Movements

This is more of a category of movement as well. Perform any normal movement with more weight on one side than the other. This will build strength and stability in the upper body, lower body, and core in very unique ways.

    Bryan Dermody
    Powerlifter & Former Strength & Conditioning Coach
















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