Why One Diet Doesn’t Fit All

Posted on May 25, 2021 at 12:00 AM

Are you looking for the latest eating trend?  Danyelle Mastarone is here to explain how to create a diet that works for you.

Did you ever find the perfect cardigan while shopping only to discover it is “one size fit all.” Well, being a little on the petite side, those never work out for me! Diets are exactly the same. Everybody is different, not just in the way it is shaped but in the way their body works on the inside. We all have different metabolisms and will therefore digest and process foods differently. It can take a little time but finding out what works for you individually will pay off in the long run.

What’s Your Goal?

Your personal fitness goal is another factor that will determine the best nutrition plan for you. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat or increase endurance, for example, will necessitate your caloric needs. And let’s not forget lifestyle and schedule. The time of day you train, work and sleep should constitute your nutrition style and timing too.

Where to Start?

Finding the best nutritional path can be a little like a treasure hunt, trying different foods and plans. Nutritionist and dieticians specialize in customizing plans for this very reason. But a great place to start is with whole foods. My friends and clients know my mantra is “eat foods that grow or have a mother.”

Eliminate Foods

Another suggestion is to eliminate foods you know upset your stomach or you have an allergy or intolerance to. Not sure what those foods are?  Start cutting out certain groups of foods for 2-3 weeks.  Items like nuts, corn, soy, dairy, citrus fruits, wheat, gluten, pork and/or eggs can be common culprits.   After the 2-3 weeks add in one category at a time to figure out which foods trigger you.  

Create a Sustainable Diet

And my favorite, eliminate foods you don’t like. Yes, that’s right. Don’t eat things you don’t like. Now, don’t go trying to convince yourself you only like chocolate and French fries and nothing else! There are plenty of healthy options to choose from.  A tailored diet plan, along with proper supplementation, is the key to feeling your best while achieving your fitness goals.

Danyelle Mastarone, Fit Mom








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