Why to Train with Odd Objects

Posted on February 4, 2022 at 12:00 AM

There are many different training styles and methods out there.  Each has its own merit and Strength Athlete Eric Todd is here to share why you should incorporate odd objects into your training routine.

Throughout my lifting career, I have excelled at doing lifts that were less than conventional.  While my gym strength has always been decent, I thrived in more functional strength. 

What odd object lifts should a person be doing?  

I am going to discuss this topic from the point of view of someone who is training for general strength, athleticism, and health, rather than excelling at strongman, as the two do not necessarily go hand in hand.  

1. The Tire Flip

When done properly, there are not many movements that emphasize full body strength and explosiveness better than a tire flip.  As with any lift, if done improperly it can result in injury (stay out from under the tire!), but if done with proper technique and explosiveness, it is a great exercise for strength, conditioning, and general athleticism.


2. Rear Facing Sled Drag

This movement is a fantastic way to finish up a workout where you leave everything in the gym.  Lean back against the implement and keep those feet moving until they cannot move any more.  We used to do this as a kind of last man standing relay, and I will tell you than it was more than once that I struggled to walk properly after the workout.  Great for muscle strength and endurance as well as overall conditioning.  


3. Vehicle Push / Pull

This can be done with a harness facing away from the vehicle and pulling or standing behind the vehicle with your hands on the bumper pushing. Both methods are great for conditioning and a full body workout.  Stay low and keep those feet moving.  Like any other exercise, you will get out of these what you put in, but the reward you get vs the low risk of this movement makes these a valuable addition to your training.


Give these a shot and see how they improve your overall well-being!

TEAM PEAK Athlete Eric Todd



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