Unveiling the Blueprint of Strength

Posted on February 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM

Athletes are driven by a relentless competitive mindset that propels them to exceed limits and persevere. What truly defines a successful athlete? Former Strength & Conditioning Coach Bryan Dermody sheds light on seven components that go beyond the ordinary.


1. Train the BACKSIDE:

Forget the mirror-centric focus! Strong athletes prioritize the often-overlooked backside of their body.  They focus on well-developed traps, lats, triceps, and the posterior chain. It's not just about the visible muscles; it's about a holistic approach.



Let’s be honest, we all would prefer to train what we’re good at and love doing.  But success is born from challenging weaknesses, not just showcasing strengths. True strength lies in consistently and ardently addressing areas of vulnerability, even when it doesn't stroke the ego.


3. Train MULTI-JOINT Movements:

Strength isn't built on single-joint movements alone. The real magic happens when multiple joints and muscles come into play. Opt for exercises like squats or deadlifts over leg extensions for a more comprehensive strength-building approach. Or choosing a barbell row over bicep curls.  While all these movements have their place, you’ll get more bang for your buck with multi-joint or compound exercises.


4. Eat like it's your JOB:

Fueling strength extends beyond satisfying taste buds. Eating strategically, even when not hungry, ensures the body receives the necessary nutrients for recovery and muscle building. And make sure to put an emphasis on your protein intake, ideally 1 gram per pound of body weight.  It's a job, not just a meal.

5. Make the CORE A PRIORITY:

The core is more than just crunches at the end of a workout. It's a vital player in every athletic movement. Strong athletes make the core a non-negotiable focus, training it often, hard, and in multiple dimensions.  Think about incorporating exercises that require you to brace under a heavy load.  Incorporating exercises like farmer’s carries, sandbag holds, or even sled pushes or pulls are great for building a solid core.


6. SLEEP like professionals:

Sleep isn't downtime; it's a cornerstone of health and performance. Professionals prioritize a minimum of 8 hours of quality sleep, with disciplined habits like no caffeine after 4 pm, a dark bedroom, and mindful screen time before bed.


7. Do the UNWANTED:

Discipline is the bedrock of strength. Strong athletes embrace discomfort, consistently doing things they may not feel like doing. It's the discipline to tackle challenges head-on that separates greatness from the ordinary.


Ready to redefine your approach to athletic success? Embrace the not-so-obvious components and elevate your game to extraordinary heights!


 Bryan Dermody, TEAM PEAK Athlete / Powerlifter / Former Strength & Conditioning Coach


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