Powerlifter Bryan Dermody deadlift over 700 lbs at the Empire Classic in Spokane, WA
Bryan Dermody
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Weightlifting coach & CrossFit Games Athlete Jared Enderton training clean & jerks
Jared Enderton
CrossFit/NPGL Athlete
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CrossFit athlete and fit mom Tate Fisher exercising with tire flips
Tate Fisher
CrossFit Athlete
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Fit Mom Carissa Johnson on stage at 2015 WBFF Pro Competition
Carissa Johnson
WBFF Pro/Fitness Model
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FIt mom and Former Figure Competitor Danyelle Mastarone training biceps at the gym
Danyelle Mastarone
NPC Figure Competitor
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Master's Bodybuilder Tim Nassen flexing on stage
Tim Nassen
Master's Bodybuilder
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2x Ms. Figure Olympia Erin Stern performing plyometrics
Erin Stern
IFBB Figure Pro
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Strength athlete Eric Todd lifting strongman log
Eric Todd
Strength Athlete
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May 12, 2021

Our Master's Bodybuilder Tim Nassen shares some tricks of the trade that he's learned over the years.  Today, Tim shares some different ways to hit the shoulders that may not be traditionally seen.  Read More

April 28, 2021

While no one wants to get injured, if you’re a driven athlete it’s bound to happen.  TEAM PEAK athlete Eric Todd is here with some advice on how to keep training with an injury. This largely depends on the type of injury you are dealing with.  First priorities must be given to... Read More

April 9, 2021

The human body is very good at adapting to a given stimulus, so there is a need to constantly vary the stimulus in order to keep adapting (i.e. gaining strength). Former Strength & Conditioning Coach Bryan Dermody is here to share some unique lifts to mix into your routine to... Read More

March 16, 2021

Are you serious about getting strong?  Then make sure you have the tools in your arsenal to get the job done.  Strength athlete Eric Todd shares what gear is essential. While all strength sports are alike in that they require strength (obviously), they can be vastly different in what kind of... Read More

February 12, 2021

Learning how to shift your mindset to create a more positive, optimistic attitude can play a huge role in creating success.  Erin Stern shares how to incorporate this into your daily routine. You have heard the phrase “fake it until you make it”, and I think it can help when improving... Read More

December 31, 2020

There are hundreds of potential training splits and thousands of exercises to choose from. With the potentially unlimited choices, how do you go about putting together one that will work? TEAM PEAK athlete Erin Stern works through important steps that can help! Define Your Goals It’s very important to pick your main... Read More

October 28, 2020

With the seasons changing and weather getting colder we can sometimes lack motivation.  TEAM PEAK fit mom Carissa Johnson is here to help you stay on track. Create Realistic Goals Make realistic goals in order to not get discouraged and quickly burn out. Goals should be attainable. Make a list of both... Read More

September 30, 2020

TEAM PEAK athlete Tim Nassen finishes up week 6 of his keto diet. Here’s how it went as well as a glimpse of what’s ahead for the Master’s Bodybuilder.   Missed one of the previous videos?  Check them out here.         Read More

September 23, 2020

Master's Bodybuilder Tim Nassen finished up week 5 of his keto diet for mass gains. This week he's incorporated carbs into his pre/post workout routine. Learn how it went and check back next week for the final video. Missed one of the previous videos?  Check them out here.               Read More

September 16, 2020

Master's Bodybuilder Tim Nassen has completed his 4th week of his keto diet that's geared towards building back muscle mass post-contest.  This week Tim shares about a hiccup in the process and how he's adjusting.  Check back each week for an update.   Missed one of the previous videos?  Check them out... Read More

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