David Douglas

Elite Level Competitive Powerlifter

Powerlifter & Former Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Dermody



  • #6 Ranked 308+ Raw Powerlifter in the World (2019)
  • Current #6 Ranked 308+ Bencher in the World
  • Competition Squat: 903 lbs. | Gym PR: 957 lbs.
  • Competition Bench: 622 lbs. | Gym PR: 635 lbs.
  • Competition Deadlift: 804 lbs. | Gym PR: 832 lbs.
  • Competition Total: 2237 lbs.
  • 3x CP Marine Corps Athlete of the Year
  • Form Single Ply Bench Only World Record Holder (Junior 275 lb. Class)
  • 3x National Level Powerlifting Champion
  • 2x World Level Powerlifting Champion


"PEAK ATP couldn't have come at a better time. After putting it into my routine my energy levels have been boosted which in turn overhauled the intensity of my workouts. This then gives me the ability to increase strength and muscle gains. PEAK ATP quickly became a pillar in my workout preparation routine. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about their fitness."

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