Jada Kelly

Fitness Coach and Trainer

Fitness Coach and Trainer Jada KellyDOB: December 2


  • CPT
  • Equinox Fitness Instructor
  • Gymra Trainer

“Over the past year, my personal fitness goals have changed. My focus is more on strength endurance instead of just looking strong and lean for a show. I'm also a mom so time in the gym is limited. I usually have about 45 minutes to get an efficient workout in and I do not want to waste that time. Adding PEAK ATP to my pre-workout supplements allows me to get the most of my workouts because I'm can go a little heavier for a little longer. Those small increases over the past few months have resulted in strength gains all over, but especially in my lower body. I feel strong, confident and beautiful. I love that PEAK ATP gives me that extra edge as I am moving towards my goals.”

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