30 Minutes to Improved Performance

October 30, 2021

Recent research shows that supplementing with 400 mg of ATP was effective to increase exercise performance 30 minutes after intake. 

What is ATP?

ATP is the primary source of cellular energy for all living things.  It is found in every cell of the human body where it provides the energy to drive all the biological reactions that allow cells to function and life to exist.

Providing Real Energy

TSI Group Ltd has created the patented ingredient PEAK ATP®.    Clinical studies have shown that one-time ATP supplementation can have significant benefits for athletic performance.  This separates ATP from our pre-workout ingredients like creatine or beta-alanine.

“PEAK ATP® is ‘real ATP’; it’s not a precursor that converts downstream in the body into ATP. If you want to boost ATP for human performance, take the real thing, not a precursor.” – Larry Kolb, TSI Group President


Click here to learn more about the recent study conducted by Brazil’s Federal University of Piauí in the Nutraceutical Business Review .

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