A Single Dose of ATP Improves Exercise Performance

December 1, 2021

A recent study shows 400 mg of ATP helped improve lower body resistance training performance and energy expenditure.

What the Study Showed

A recent study conducted by researchers at Brazil’s Federal University of Piauí examined the benefits of consuming 100, 200, and 400 mg doses of PEAK ATP.  In the study, 20 trained men in their late 20s completed four sets of lower body resistance training exercise until movement failure with two minutes of rest between each set. 

The results showed that a single dose of 400 mg of ATP improved performance and energy expenditure by increasing the number of repetitions that the individuals were able to perform.


“These results confirm the immediate benefits of Peak ATP for athletes, weekend warriors and everyday exercisers,” said Larry Kolb, TSI Group president, in a press release. “We feel that there is a huge advantage for consumers who are able to feel the performance benefit from the first use onward, instead of waiting for weeks for supplementation to take full effect. Peak ATP helps exercisers to push harder during high-intensity and/or exhaustive exercise. And because Peak ATP supports increased work volume, it can help anyone make the most of time spent exercising. This is crucial to helping everyday people exercise harder and more frequently as they pursue their long-term wellness goals.”


Please click here to read the full article discussing the study in Nutritional Outlook.

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