A Year to Remember

January 9, 2024

As another year concludes, TSI Group celebrates the remarkable achievements of our ingredient PEAK ATP®, particularly in the exciting advancements related to cognitive function. 

In the previous year, TSI Group's branded ingredient PEAK ATP® experienced significant accomplishments, ranging from new research studies, and discovered benefits to the development of new position papers and educational opportunities. As we look forward to the possibilities in 2024, let's take a moment to reflect on the successes and advancements achieved in 2023.  Here are a few of the highlights from 2023.


New Study Showed PEAK ATP® has Cognitive Benefits

A recent study unveiled that individuals supplementing with PEAK ATP® witnessed the following cognitive benefits:

Alleviates Mental Fatigue and Boosts Cognitive Performance

Exercise-induced mental fatigue often results in attention and processing speed deficits. PEAK ATP® aids in mitigating these deficits across various cognitive tasks post-exercise.

Enhances Reaction Time

PEAK ATP® prevents the decline in proactive visuomotor reaction time after intense workouts.

Sharpens Focus and Mental Speed

PEAK ATP® reduces the number of errors during reactive visuomotor tasks, both before and after rigorous high-intensity exercise.

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New Position Paper on the Combination of PEAK ATP® + Creatine

Creatine, recognized as one of the most thoroughly researched and powerful supplements for athletes, requires a loading phase for optimal effectiveness. It's crucial to acknowledge that creatine doesn't influence blood flow to active muscles. However, by synergizing creatine with PEAK ATP®, these limitations can be surmounted.

Explore the significant impact and pre-workout formula enhancement achievable by combining these two ingredients in the detailed position paper below.

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Dr. Ralf Jaeger Deep Dive Podcast on ATP 

Dr. Ralf Jaeger, co-founder of Increnovo LLC, a prominent global consulting firm in the sports nutrition realm, has built a career championing supplement ingredients grounded in rigorous scientific research.

Ralf recently joined the PricePlow Podcast to delve into the topic of the body's energy currency, ATP, and its supplementation in the form of PEAK ATP®.

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