Active Nutrition Market Blossoming

April 27, 2022

The challenges faced from the on-again, off-again, on-again pandemic in the sports nutrition industry have not discouraged companies to continue to innovate and produce.

In Nutrition Outlook’s article How to win the sports and active nutrition game in 2022,  Judy Blatman talks to innovative leaders in the sport nutrition arena to get their take on what the future holds.

Longtime expert and entrepreneur Robert Wildman comments on how he “knew the consumer wasn’t going anywhere.” And based on sales statistics he’s right.  The consumer wasn’t and isn’t’ going anywhere.  There are consistent stats showing that the in fact, the active nutrition category is booming more than ever.

Supply Chain = Price Increases

One of the biggest challenges in the sports nutrition market for 2022 is issues with supply chain, which inherently leads to prices continuing to increase.

“As many companies are striving to reduce costs while still providing quality products, [this] could also lead to the reduction of some functional benefits for some product formulations,” states Larry Kolb, president of TSI Group Ltd.


Innovate and Reimagine

With a big new push in the Active Nutrition category, this opens many opportunities for companies to create or revamp products to tailor to this big community.  This transition has not only changed who is purchasing products, but new ingredients and formulations are coming to the forefront.  The challenge is how to reach those consumers that are in the bigger playing field.

Creating innovative, transparent, and science-backed ingredients are key for success.  TSI is always at the forefront of innovation and looking at new avenues for their branded ingredients. 

In 2021, TSI shared results of an unpublished, randomized study on PEAK ATP, its patented form of adenosine 5’triphosphate (ATP) disodium.  The study examined the benefits of 100 mg, 200 mg, and 400 mg of supplementation of PEAK ATP on a group of 20 trained men in their late 20s.  Results showed that a single 400 mg dose of PEAK ATP improved lower body resistance training performance and energy expenditure. 

“These results confirm the immediate benefits of PEAK ATP for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday exercisers,” said Kolb in a press release. “This [ingredient] is crucial to helping everyday people exercise harder and more frequently as they pursue their long-term wellness goals,” he added.


Click here to read the full article found in Nutritional Outlook.

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