Get Primed: A Supplement Line for Outdoorsman

September 22, 2021

Hunter and outdoor guide, Dr. Brooks Tiller reviews the new outdoorsman supplement line Primed.

Hunters and shooters spend hours going over the details when it comes to their sport.  From planning trips, prepping equipment, and practicing shooting, but one area that often gets looked over is physical fitness.

Having a fitness regimen and proper nutrition is very important to have your body ready for game day.  Hiking through nature or holding a certain position for long durations can take a toll on the body, so being primed and ready is key.

Be Primed and Ready

Federal Ammunition and Go Condition have teamed up to produce a line of supplements specifically to support hunters and shooters needs.  The line Primed Nutrition provides hunters supplements and ready-to-go snacks to fuel all the adventures in the woods or days on the range.  

Pre-Workout Load-Up

Featured in Primed Nutrition’s lineup is the pre-hunt product Load-Up.  This product helps hunters to reduce fatigue, heighten your senses while allowing your body to recover faster after a strenuous activity so you can find your mark on even the most challenging shots.  

It features our patented ingredient PEAK ATP®.  PEAK ATP® is a clinically validated form of ATP.  ATP is the body’s energy currency and the more ATP available the more we can do and longer we can go.  The body has a limited amount of ATP available, so supplementing with PEAK ATP® provides your body with more functional energy to help you do more and achieve more, with less fatigue.  Click here to learn more about the science behind PEAK ATP®.

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