Indur Releases New Product Featuring CarnoSyn® and PEAK ATP®

June 27, 2017

Health and wellness company Indur, will release its newest supplement, Indur Launch, on June 30, 2017. Indur Launch will contain patented ingredients CarnoSyn® and PEAK ATP®. PEAK ATP® has been shown to double the effects of resistance training alone, resulting in a 100% potential increase in lean mass, 147% potential increase in total body strength, and 30% potential increase in power compared to a placebo. CarnoSyn® is a patented form of beta-alanine with a sustained release profile that provides increased daily dosing and improved muscle retention of carnosine, a molecule that helps buffer lactic acid in muscles, increasing physical performance and aiding in lean-mass gain.

To learn more about Indur Launch, click here.

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