Ingredients for Healthy Aging

August 16, 2022

With scientific advances and a plethora of knowledge, people are living longer.  This means maintaining mobility and physical independence as we age is more important now than ever.

The article Maximum mobility: Ingredients aimed at active nutrition in Natural Products Insider magazine addresses this issue and what we can do to help.

 According to a United Nations report, by 2030, one-sixth of the population will be over the age of 60.  With people living longer, maintaining quality of life for as long as possible is important.  Luckily, we have science on our side and innovative ingredients to help.


Energy to Stay Fit & Mobile

A lack of energy is a common concern as we age.  If you don’t have energy, then you are less motivated to exercise to help you stay mobile and healthy.  Increasing muscle energy can help support your ability to do more, including exercise.

Shawn Baier, VP of Business Development for TSI Group Ltd., calls adenosine triphosphate (ATP) “energy currency”.  ATP is required for all metabolic and physical movement.  ATP is not a stimulant but creates and facilitates energy within the body.

Luckily, you can supplement with PEAK ATP to provide your body with a bioavailable form of functional energy.  This allows you to do more and achieve more, with less fatigue.

Read the full article here (page 15).

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