Introducing New TEAM PEAK Athlete Bryan Dermody.

November 10, 2014

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TSI would like to welcome Bryan Dermody as a new athlete to TEAM PEAK!  

Bryan Dermody’s long history in the world of competitive athletics began during collegiate football.  After graduating Bryan worked as a football strength and conditioning coach at the University of Iowa.   After the U of I head strength coach, Chris Doyle suggested Bryan compete in the Strongman event he was hooked.  Competing in Strongman helped Bryan realize that he wanted to participate in a sport that had a more level playing field than football.  

In 2009 powerlifting legend and friend Brad Gillingham encouraged Bryan to try qualifying for the Deadlift Pro at the Arnold Classic. Bryan did, successfully, and has never looked back.  Currently his personal deadlift record is an incredible 793 lbs., and is hoping training relentlessly to break that 800 lb barrier this next year at the Arnold Classic Pro Deadlift.

Click here to view Bryan Dermody’s athlete profile.

Stay tuned for more to come from Bryan in the future.

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