New TEAM PEAK Athlete: Tim Nassen

January 4, 2016

TSI is proud to announce that Bodybuilder Tim Nassen has officially joined TEAM PEAK!

Tim Nassen has an extensive background in strength and conditioning with over 30 years in education.  He has dabbled in a variety of sports including strongman, powerlifting, and most recently turned to bodybuilding for his competitive outlet.  With several bodybuilding competitions under his belt, Tim found the transition from strength focused training to bodybuilding quite smooth.  Tim’s ability to commit and focus on his sport has enabled him to bring home two gold medals from each of his bodybuilding competitions and looks forward to continuing to build his physique for his next show.

Learn more about Tim Nassen and his competition accomplishments on his athlete profile.

We welcome Tim to TEAM PEAK and look forward to watching his 2016 season unravel!

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