PEAK ATP® Featured in Nutraceuticals World

November 3, 2016

Nutraceuticals World recently published an article titled Active Nutrition for All Walks of Life. The article discussed the growing sports nutrition market and it's expanding customer base. 

“In the past, sports nutrition supplements were marketed toward bodybuilders. Today, we see more and more products on the market that are for everyday gym-goers looking for a comprehensive sports nutrition product that fits their needs—or even something that is condition specific. We see consumers looking for products for recovery and we see product launches for replenishment in the form of functional beverages.” 

The expanding 'active nutrition' market is increasingly popular among casual exercise enthusiasts who enjoy activities like yoga, running and crossfit. PEAK ATP® offers a unique solution to these consumers.

"All athletes want to optimize their training. Improving performance during competition, boosting energy and enhancing recovery are major points of focus for active lifestyles, according to TSI’s Mr. Kolb. Since ATP is the body’s natural energy currency, PEAK ATP is in a unique position to provide safe energy to consumers, he added. PEAK ATP administration has been shown to prevent drops in ATP levels during times of increased energy needs. Recent clinical studies have also shown that PEAK ATP consumption is safe, and leads to improved body composition and athletic performance by increasing muscular excitability, blood flow and recovery, according to the company."

To read the full article click here.

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