PEAK ATP Featured in Nutraceuticals World

May 13, 2019

With more and more consumers looking to lead a healthy lifestyle a new market opens up for the sports nutrition market.  A once very focused sports performance demographic is now broadening to a mainstream group from active millennials to weekend warriors to baby boomers. 

These consumers are looking for clean label products that improve energy, reduce fatigue, and speed recovery.  This is where branded ingredients like PEAK ATP® (ATP) play a major role.

President of TSI USA Inc., Larry Kolb states, “The human body contains about 250 grams of ATP, and the daily ATP turnover is roughly the body’s weight, which highlights the importance of ATP as the body’s energy source. Numerous ingredients try to increase energy by indirectly increasing ATP stores, however, a patented form of ATP is available as PEAK ATP, allowing consumers to directly supplement ATP.”

To read the full article Riding the Sports Nutrition Wave: Energy, Endurance & Recovery, click here.

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