PEAK ATP Highlighted in Nutritional Outlook!

September 24, 2014

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In the September issue of Nutritional Outlook TSI’s ingredient PEAK ATP is highlighted in the article Maximum Output: High-Performance Energy Ingredients for Sports Nutrition by Melissa Kvidahl.  In the article Kvidahl talks to ingredient suppliers to get the inside scoop on the sports nutrition market and how diverse it is becoming.  Included in the article is new research on PEAK ATP showing that supplementing with PEAK ATP increases post-exercise blood flow making it particularly effective during exercise for recovery.  In light of this research PEAK ATP supplier, TSI decided to team up with BetaTOR supplier, Metabolic Technologies to see what combining their two ingredients could do.  Research supported their inkling and proved that the two ingredients combined had a synergistic effect.  

To read the full article regarding high-performance ingredients please click here and flip to page 68.  

For more information regarding PEAK ATP please refer to the ABOUT and SCIENCE section above.

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