PEAK ATP® Now Stable in Liquids

February 22, 2024

In a world where athletes and fitness enthusiasts are constantly seeking the next breakthrough in performance enhancement, TSI Group has partnered with Glanbia Nutritionals to unveil a revolutionary solution that promises to redefine the energy and sports beverage categories.

Enter OptiATP™, a cutting-edge form of Adenosine 5-Triphosphate (ATP) designed to unleash the full potential of cellular energy, backed by Glanbia's expertise and TSI Group's innovative ingredient PEAK ATP®.

Formulating Challenges

Traditionally, formulating beverages with ATP posed a significant challenge due to its rapid degradation under high-heat processing conditions and throughout the beverage's shelf life. However, Glanbia's pioneering encapsulation technology has overcome this hurdle, making OptiATP™ 46% more stable after 12 months and an astounding 59% more stable after 6 months in aseptic hot-fill processed ready-to-drink beverages.

Rachel Schreck, product marketing associate at Glanbia, expresses her excitement about this groundbreaking development, stating, "We are excited to bring OptiATP™ to market because it provides the first reliable ATP for use in ready-to-drink beverages." This innovation marks a significant milestone, opening doors for brands to incorporate ATP into their formulations confidently.

ATP Breakdown

But what exactly is ATP, and why is it crucial for athletic performance and energy levels? ATP, the primary source of cellular energy in all living organisms, plays a pivotal role in powering various physiological processes and functions. During intense exercise, the demand for ATP increases up to 1,000 times, highlighting its critical role in sustaining high-intensity performance.

OptiATP™, fueled by PEAK ATP®, stands out as a game-changer in the realm of sports nutrition. Derived from the only bioidentical form of ATP supported by numerous human clinical studies, OptiATP™ has demonstrated remarkable benefits in enhancing muscle power output, increasing strength, promoting lean body mass, and reducing both muscle and mental fatigue.

The advantages of OptiATP™ are:

Bioidentical Form

OptiATP™ mirrors the structure of human ATP, seamlessly integrating into the body's cellular energy processes.

Clinical Validity

Backed by six human clinical studies, PEAK ATP®'s efficacy in enhancing athletic performance, muscle growth, and recovery is firmly established.

Comprehensive Benefits

From energy and endurance to muscle growth, strength, and recovery, OptiATP™ packs multiple benefits into a single ingredient, catering to diverse consumer needs.


Unlike traditional energy sources, OptiATP™ offers sustained energy without causing jitters or crashes, making it suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Low-Dose Requirement

OptiATP™'s potent formula ensures efficacy with only a small dosage, facilitating its inclusion in formulations alongside other beneficial ingredients.

OptiATP™ Applications

Looking ahead, TSI Group and Glanbia are committed to exploring additional applications for OptiATP™, including neutral pH and carbonated beverage processing, as well as incorporation into high-heat processed products like gels and gummies. This commitment reflects with both TSI Group and Glanbia's dedication to empowering brands with innovative solutions that meet evolving consumer demands.

In conclusion, OptiATP™ represents a paradigm shift in the sports and energy beverage landscape, offering a reliable and scientifically validated source of cellular energy. As athletes and fitness enthusiasts strive for peak performance, OptiATP™ emerges as a potent ally, unlocking new levels of strength, endurance, and vitality.

Learn more about the potential of OptiATP™ here!


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