PEAK ATP Press Release (Oct 2012)

October 10, 2012

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TSI Group based in Missoula, Mont., the world's premium innovator of dietary supplement raw materials, in collaboration with its research and product development partner, Metabolic Technologies, Inc. of Ames, Iowa, an innovation think-tank and clinical research company, has announced the newly released Peak ATP® clinical study has been published in the peer-review Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN) (www.jissn.com).

The fully randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover study was conducted at Iowa State University and assessed the performance-enhancing effects of 200 mg of Peak ATP® consumed twice per day for 15 days in healthy active adults, versus placebo, on measures of maximum strength, total work and muscle fatigue.

The results revealed 400 mg of Peak ATP® per day reduced muscular fatigue in subjects performing repeated maximal effort sets of knee extension and flexion and 400 mg of Peak ATP® per day allowed subjects to maintain greater muscle strength as measured by torque while performing repeated sets of maximal effort knee extension and flexion.

“Amazingly, the effects that were observed occurred despite the fact that subjects discontinued the use of Peak ATP® the day prior to the post-intervention exercise testing,” said Shawn Baier, Metabolic Technologies chief operating officer. “In other words, the effects of daily Peak ATP® use provided a significant performance benefit even though the product was not consumed immediately prior to, or even the day of testing,” added Baier.

According to study researchers, supplementation with 400 mg ATP daily for 15 days tended to reduce muscle fatigue and improved a participant’s ability to maintain a higher force output at the end of an exhaustive exercise bout. Furthermore, researchers concluded that these effects may indicate an improvement in overall training stimulus which may have been brought about by more rapid repolarization and stronger action potentials later within sets. The latter effect of increased muscle excitability has the potential to affect acute strength and power output, as well as support sustained high-intensity muscle contractions which is an area TSI will continue exploring in future Peak ATP® research.

“What we are discovering as we continue investing in Peak ATP® research is that a 400mg per day dose provides more consistent and significant responses for users, compared to the previously recommended 225 mg per day recommendations. And Peak ATP® seems to really affect muscle excitability, contraction strength and fatigue resistance,” said Larry Kolb, President of U.S. Operations at TSI. “These results support
our previous findings that have shown Peak ATP® to be effective at improving the rate of recovery, and that the effects of Peak ATP® appear to be long-lasting,” added Kolb.

The current investigation and ongoing Peak ATP® research add to the body of previously published data that have shown that even transient, small increases in extracellular ATP and adenosine concentrations can positively and profoundly affect increases in active tissue vasodilation and may affect muscle action potential amplitude. Increasing tissue vasodilation increases blood flow, tissue oxygenation, metabolic waste removal,
nutrient uptake, and promotes cellular recovery, whereas increasing muscle action potential amplitude increases muscle force output including strength and power. For a strength and power athlete that can mean greater personal bests, training volume and faster recovery, while for the endurance athlete it can mean the added benefit of more oxygen and glucose to working muscles.

The findings from the current study add to the growing research validated structure/function claims that can be used to support the marketing and sales of products that contain the patent-protected ingredient, Peak ATP®. Such claims include increase in one-rep max (1RM) strength, delay in muscle fatigue, increase in training volume, and increase in muscle power output.

Peak ATP® was discovered by acclaimed ATP and metabolic specialist, Eliezer Rapaport, Ph.D., a John Hopkins University graduate in Organic Chemistry and research faculty member at Harvard Medical School, Boston University School of Medicine, and Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology.

For more information about the JISSN study and formulating products with Peak ATP® call TSI at 406.549.9123 or email CustomerSupport@TSIinc.com.

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