PEAK ATP Press Release (Oct 2013)

October 3, 2013

Missoula, MT (October 3, 2013) – A new University of Tampa study published in Nutrition & Metabolism shows that oral PEAK ATP® supplementation is effective in significantly increasing total body strength, power, and muscle mass. In the 12-week study, trained athletes were able to lift heavier weights, double the reported benefits of their workouts on lean body mass. The study concludes that the advantages are attributable to the oral use of PEAK ATP, a branded, patented ingredient supplied by TSI Group and formulated to enhance muscle performance and recovery by increasing blood flow and oxygenation of muscles. Study lead Dr. Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., CSCS*D, an assistant professor and director of the strength and sports nutrition laboratory in the department of health sciences and human performance at the University of Tampa, examined the effects of 400 mg per day oral Adenosine-5’-triphosphate (ATP) supplementation on muscular adaptations. The study investigated changes in muscle size, strength, and power in response to resistance training and the nutrition intervention with oral PEAK ATP®.

"These categorically positive results are gratifying but not at all surprising," said Larry Kolb, president of Missoula, MT -based TSI USA, Inc., a division of TSI Group, a global researcher, developer and manufacturer of ingredients and finished products including PEAK ATP®.

"Athletes have long relied on PEAK ATP® as a next generation nutritional tool to maximize performance and generate a safe, reliable competitive edge," said Kolb.

The study was a 3-phase randomized, double-blind, and placebo- and diet-controlled intervention. Phase 1 entailed a periodized resistance-training program. Phase 2 consisted of a two week overreaching cycle during which volume and frequency were increased followed by a two week taper (Phase 3). Muscle mass, strength, and power were examined at the beginning of the study and in weeks 4, 8, and 12 to assess the chronic effects of ATP. Assessment performance variables also occurred at the end of weeks 9 and 10, corresponding to the mid and endpoints of the overreaching cycle.

The findings showed resistance training increased performance in athletes; however, PEAK ATP® doubled the effect of training alone, resulting in significant increases in lean body mass (100% increase over placebo), total body strength (147% over placebo) and power (30% over placebo). During the overreaching cycle, PEAK ATP® showed increases in strength and power in comparison to the beginning of the study and blunted the decrease of strength and power observed in the placebo group. Protein breakdown was also lower in the ATP group.

The results suggest oral PEAK ATP® supplementation helps to maximize the effects of exercise on muscle mass and strength. Using PEAK ATP®, athletes will lift greater weights and produce a greater number of repetitions per set. Additionally, ATP supplementation was found to be safe and no adverse effects were reported, confirming the excellent safety profile noted in previous studies.

“ATP’s role as the primary intracellular energy source is well established,”said Kolb. “We're pleased to have additional confirmation that PEAK ATP® offers multiple advantages over existing ingredients in the popular category of vasodilators.”

According to Dr. Wilson, who has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and abstracts and recently established a new graduate program at University of Tampa dedicated to the NSCA mission, there was previously a lack of studies examining the effects of adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) supplementation utilizing a long term, periodized resistance-training program (RT) in strength-trained populations. Publication of this study fills that void and offers consumers a new generation of products to maximize the results of their training program.

For more study information contact Larry Kolb, TSI USA, Inc, at 406-549-9123 or via email at LKolb@TSIinc.com. The website is www.TSIInc.com.

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