PricePlow Breaks Down Nootropic Study on PEAK ATP

August 24, 2023

PricePlow Breaks Down Nootropic Study on PEAK ATP

A new study was published on the cognitive performance after exercise when supplementing with PEAK ATP.  PricePlow does a deep dive into the study and the findings found.

A recently published study in 2023 reveals an additional advantage of PEAK ATP supplementation: enhanced cognitive performance. This study illustrates how PEAK ATP effectively mitigated decline in cognitive function often experienced after rigorous exercise.

Study Breakdown

The study was a double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study in which 20 healthy male and female subjects were divided into two groups: one group consumed 400 mg of PEAK ATP, while the other took placebo. 

After 14-day treatment phase, subjects performed a three-minute high-intensity sprinting protocol on a stationary bike.  Cognitive tests were performed before and after each exercise sprint and recorded. 

Then after a 14-day washout period, the groups switched treatments and repeated the same protocols and tests.  This is what makes this study a crossover design.  All the participants will receive all treatments during different periods of the study.

Study Results

In comparison to the placebo treatment group, the researchers discovered that a 14-day regimen of 400 mg of PEAK ATP substantially alleviated the post-exercise cognitive impairment.

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