PricePlow Looks at Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Supplements

January 4, 2023

PricePlow recently did a deep dive into the ingredient PEAK ATP and concluded they wanted to test out more stimulant-free pre-workout supplements that utilized this ingredient.  What they found was NatureCity’s TrueNOx.

TrueNOx is a non-stimulant pre-workout that can improve power output and give you the pumps you want during your workout.  It packs a punch with 5 specially selected ingredients:

  • Nitrosigine
  • Organic Beet Root Juice Powder
  • Capros Amla Fruit Extract
  • PEAK ATP (adenosine 5’-triphosphate disodium)
  • Crominex chromium

Let’s give a quick breakdown to each of these ingredients.


TrueNOx packs 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine.  This is one of the most complex nitric-oxide boosting ingredients currently on the market.  Research has shown that Nitrosigine increases blood flow and decreases biomarkers of muscle fatigue following exercise. 1  There has also been some studies showing that Nitrosigine can help improve cognitive performance, even better than other NO boosters. 2, 3, 4

Organic Beet Root Juice Powder

Another way that the body produces nitric oxide is by converting dietary nitrates to nitric oxide.  Beetroot is rich in nitrates.  When absorbed into the bloodstream it helps to support blood flow, endurance and stamina. 

Capros Amia Fruit Extract

Capros is a patented form of amla fruit extract.  It has been commonly used to treat circulatory disorders and to enhance general cardiovascular health. 5 

It has also been found that it helps your body activate an enzyme called “eNOS”, which acts as a catalyst to convert L-arginine to nitric oxide.


PEAK ATP is a patented form of adenosine 5’-triphosphate disodium (ATP).  ATP is our body’s universal energy currency.  The demand for ATP is increase up to 1,000-fold during exercise and ATP turnover can limit high-intensity performance.  PEAK ATP provides an exogenous form of ATP into our system allowing the increase in blood flow, improved power output, and reduction of muscle fatigue. 

Research has consistently shown that increased ATP production can lead to increased eNOS expression, increased NO production, and improved arterial function. 6

Crominex chromium

The mineral chromium plays an important role in supporting blood glucose levels from rising too high by increasing insulin sensitivity.  This seems like an odd ingredient for a pre-workout, but as it turns out there is a close connection with glycemic status and NO production.  Chromium has been shown to help improve insulin signaling and activates AMPK.  This tells your body it’s time to produce cellular energy.   Basically, the more AMPK activity means more calories burned as your cells convert glucose and fatty acids into ATP. 7,8

To read the in-depth article on the innovative product TrueNOx by PricePlow please click here.


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