Sports Nutrition Supplements Appealing to a Broader Audience

September 8, 2022

As the active nutrition category continues to grow, supplement companies that were focused on high-performance athlete products have shifted to meet the active nutrition consumer needs.

In the Nutritional Outlook article Active nutrition for all: Sports supplements court a broader audience they discuss the shift in supplements from sports nutrition to active nutrition.  Taking supplements has become more widely accepted and active lifestyle consumers are looking for products to enhance their everyday lives.

“Consumers have always wanted to live healthier lives,” says Marianne McDonagh, vice president of sales at Bioenergy Life Science Inc. “Now they’re serious about taking the steps which include educating themselves about the science and efficacy of products’ ingredients.”

Bringing Functional Ingredients to the Forefront

With this new, broader category of consumers that are taking control of their health, the need to provide functional ingredients is crucial.  Consumers are looking for transparency and clinically validated ingredients in their products.

“Quality issues are too common. With the pressure of this category’s growth and so many new brands and products launching, quality has taken a back seat. We do see that consumers are becoming more aware of this problem and are requiring brands and companies to show proof of the quality controls as well as substantiated efficacy claims. Hopefully, this trend will continue to push the industry in the right direction.” -Shawn Baier , MS, MBA, vice president of business development at TSI Group Ltd

One branded ingredient that is focused on scientific research is PEAK ATP.  For consumers looking for a real source of energy without that jittery-feeling PEAK ATP is your guy.  PEAK ATP is identical in structure to the ATP produced and used by the human body.  It fuels muscles and powers the body’s movement.

“From gamers to active lifestyle consumers, there is a growing interest in energy that is ‘real’ functional energy and not a stimulatory effect that is often short term and comes with unwanted side effects,” says Baier. “The active nutrition category is being challenged to deliver products that provide non-stimulant sources of energy.”

To read the full article in Nutritional Outlook please click here.

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