Systematic review validates PEAK ATP® as an optimal pre-workout ingredient

April 22, 2024

There is significant scientific evidence validating why TSI’s PEAK ATP® is enjoying a resurgence as a must-have pre workout ingredient. A new systematic review and meta-analysis published in Sports concluded that oral ATP supplementation — such as PEAK ATP® — helps users safely achieve significantly greater gains in maximal strength compared with placebo.

The scientists focused on recent studies, then narrowed their selection to five published human clinical studies, four of which used TSI’s PEAK ATP®. All of the included studies were double-blind, randomized controlled trials with a high methodological quality.

The scientists recognized the importance of TSI’s PEAK ATP® research

“We are gratified to have the scientific community affirm the relevance and quality of our research,” comments Shawn Baier, Vice President of Business Development for TSI’s Innovative Products Division, who explains that PEAK ATP® is a highly bioavailable energy source shown to boost muscle power output and improve blood flow, delivering impressive performance results.

“This meta-analysis comes at a time when there is a resurgence of interest in PEAK ATP®, as more and more brands throughout the world are looking to provide their customers with the best pre workout ingredient for real energy and real results. Numerous studies confirm its immediate benefits for athletes, weekend warriors and everyday exercisers.”

This analysis was the first of its kind   

This is the first systematic review and meta-analysis to analyze the effect of ATP supplementation on anaerobic performance. Variables included maximal strength, maximum repetitions and maximum aerobic power in healthy resistance-trained subjects.

In addition to confirming that oral ATP supplementation induced greater maximal strength gains than the placebo, the systematic review and meta-analysis confirmed that daily intakes of 400 mg of ATP for periods up to 12 weeks are safe in healthy subjects.

The four selected PEAK ATP® studies analyzed were: 

  • Wilson, et al 2013: Results of this study showed that PEAK ATP® increased strength (147% increase over placebo), increased power (30% increase over placebo), increased lean body mass (100% increase over placebo), and increased muscle thickness (96% increase over placebo).1
  • Purpura, et al 2017: This study, involving a repeated sprint exercise test, found that PEAK ATP® increased participants’ post-exercise ATP levels, muscle excitability, and sprint performance following a repeated sprint bout.2
  • Freitas, et al 2019: The study found a single dose of PEAK ATP® improved lower-body resistance training performance and energy expenditure.3
  • Dos Santos, et al 2021: This study concluded that a single 400 mg dose of PEAK ATP® improved lower body resistance training performance and energy expenditure in recreational resistance-trained participants.4

“As more consumers seek non-stimulant energy alternatives for attaining higher peak performance, science clearly affirms they may achieve significant benefits by using PEAK ATP® in combination with exercise,” concludes Baier.

PEAK ATP® is a clinically validated and patented form of Adenosine 5’-Triphosphate (ATP) Disodium that is identical in structure to ATP produced and used by the human body.

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Dive into the journal articles discussing the topic:


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