The Rise of Active Lifestyle Nutrition

November 17, 2021

As consumers mindsets and goals continue to change, the market for supplements also evolves to meet the demands of the active lifestyle consumer.

An article in Nutraceuticals World talks about how people are starting to take a more proactive, holistic, and long-term approach to their health.  This includes exercising more often, taking supplements to enhance life, and being more cognitive of lifestyle choices. 

Supplement companies need to change strategies and diversify their products to meet the new demands of the mainstream consumer. 

Market Evolution

“Consumers crave the ability to function at high physical and cognitive levels, while remaining socially engaged and retaining a youthful appearance. We believe health and well-being will continue to be on the forefront of consumer’s priorities and will drive choices that help them improve their ability to age well.”   - Tim Hammon, vice president of sales and marketing, Bergstrom Nutrition


When purchasing products, active lifestyle consumers want quality, research ingredients to support their health goals.  They want to be able to trust in the brand they’re using and are influenced by science-backed claims.

Innovative Ingredients

One of clinically proven ingredients mentioned is our patented ingredient PEAK ATP®.  While many ingredients need to be consumed for a significant duration before seeing any benefits, researchers have found that one 400 mg dose of PEAK ATP® can significantly improve exercise performance 30 minutes after intake. 

“For consumers to feel the differences after a single dose, and during the first set, is a substantial brand benefit,” said TSI Group President Larry Kolb.


Visit Nutraceuticals World to read the full article Active Lifestyles Lead Health Markets in Fresh Directions

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