The Transformation of Sports Nutrition

October 13, 2021

The sports nutrition market isn’t just for athletes anymore.

Many sports nutrition companies feared big declines due to the pandemic, but now are expecting a steady rise in the market between now and 2027. 

“The future is definitely looking up for the sports nutrition category.  One big reason for this is because of the category becoming more inclusive to a variety of activities beyond athletic performance and weightlifting.” – Sevanti, Mehta, Unibar

Health is Wealth

If there’s one thing people are taking to heart from the Pandemic, it is that health and wellness are a top priority.  Consumers are looking for products that utilize branded ingredients that are backed by science.  They want the assurance that the products they take are safe, effective, and contain clean ingredients. 

“Formulators and product developers are looking for ingredients that can differentiate or provide value to the commonly offered protein supplements.” – Shawn Baier, Innovative Products Division, TSI Group Ltd.

That’s where unique ingredients like PEAK ATP® come into play.  PEAK ATP® is an interesting nutrient in the energy category as it provides ATP.  ATP is a real energy form identical to what our bodies use to power movement.  While other ingredients are precursors to the body’s production of ATP, PEAK ATP® delivers ATP directly to the working muscles when the body needs it most.  Learn more.

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