We welcome Jared Enderton to TEAM PEAK!

December 30, 2014

TSI is proud to announce Olympic weightlifter Jared Enderton has officially joined TEAM PEAK!

Jared began competing in Olympic lifting four years ago, making a name for himself and his innate coaching ability along the way. His accomplishments include a four-time Weightlifting National Qualification, runner up at the Olympic Weightlifting Collegiate Nationals, and qualifying for the World University Games.

Jared is a hard-working, goal-driven athlete striving to be the best in his sport.  Jared hopes to qualify for the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships and plans to try out for the 2015 National Pro Grid League (NPGL). 

Jared’s next competition is in January at the AWF 2015 Grand Open, then in March at the Arnold Weightlifting Championships as a Pan American Team Qualifier. 

To see all of Jared’s accomplishments and athlete profile please click here.

We welcome Jared to TEAM PEAK and look forward to his 2015 season..

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