We welcome Nick Weite to TEAM PEAK!

January 13, 2015

TSI is proud to announce that powerlifter Nick Weite has officially joined TEAM PEAK!

Nick Weite’s athletic roots started early, playing both baseball and football from a very young age.  Nick later received a scholarship to play Division II football at Truman State University.  Throughout his time on the football field he also spent a lot of time in the gym focusing on core lifts like the squat, bench press, and deadlift.  After college Nick still had the itch to compete.  Nick’s uncle John Ware was a legend in powerlifting and with Nick having a solid strength base from football switching gears into powerlifting was a natural transition.

Since then Nick has been very successful in powerlifting.  He has had the opportunity to compete in the IPF World Championships three times, won USAPL Nationals three times, and been a World Games Competitor.  

Nick will be competing next at the BetaTOR®/Peak ATP® Pro Deadlift event at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival on March 7th.

Click here to view Nick’s athlete profile.

We welcome Nick to TEAM PEAK and look forward to watching his 2015 season unfold.

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