March 7, 2017

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth this past weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival and participated in our FINAFLEX STIMUL8 MUSCLE Giveaway!  We hope you had wonderful experience at the Arnold!

And the winners are...  Drum roll please....

  1. Cory S.
  2. Scott M.
  3. Aaron L.
  4. Shawn S.
  5. Paula Y.
  6. Daniel M.
  7. Marrisa T.
  8. Ryan P.
  9. Kaitlyn L.
  10. Colton F.
  11. Benjamin M.
  12. Brett B.
  13. Alex S.
  14. Kate K.
  15. Jenise M.
  16. Paul M.
  17. Chad N.
  18. Wells B.
  19. Emily
  20. Anna W.
  21. Joel P.
  22. Aiden C.
  23. Daniel M.
  24. Mel H.

We would like to congratulate our winners!  Please be sure to check your email to find out how to receive your prize!


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