Is PEAK ATP® the next generation of NO?

L-citrulline or L-arginine are amino acid precursors to nitric oxide and have been marketed as potential ergogenic aids based on their ability to increase blood flow to the exercising muscle. However, the daily dose needed to increase blood flow is high (6-24g) and the ergogenic response may depend on the training status and health of the subjects. Whereas some studies involving untrained or moderately healthy subjects showed that nitric oxide donors could improve tolerance to aerobic and anaerobic exercise, no significant improvements were measured in healthy or highly-trained subjects.

In contrast, oral PEAK ATP® increases blood flow at mg doses and has been shown to increase lean body mass, strength and power in highly trained individuals. Therefore, oral 400mg/day ATP supplementation is an apparently efficacious method if the intent is increasing post-exercise blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery.



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