Sergei Cherednichenko

Fitness Coach & Trainer

Sergei is an avid endurance athlete who coaches at Team ICG Russia. He trains individuals in outdoor sports like cycling and running to HIIT to TRX to senior sports.

Bryan Dermody


Bryan has a vast knowledge in the strength arena as a former football athlete, Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach, and NFL Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach. 

David Douglas


David is a former Marine who was presented with athlete of the year 3 times during duty.  While in the Marines he got into powerlifting and was ranked #6 in the World in 2019.

Carissa Johnson

WBFF Pro / NPC Bikini / Fit Mom

After a startling pedestrian car accident Carissa didn’t know if she would walk again. Through determination she has come back even stronger in all facets of her life.

Jada Kelly

Fitness Coach & Trainer

Jada began her fitness career as a P.E. teacher and has shifted focus to coaching women.  She helps them to prioritize health to help them look, feel, and be their best. 

JP (John Porter Jr.)

USA Master's Track & Field Athlete / Fit Dad

JP is a proud husband, father, personal trainer for more than 15 years, and an elite Master’s Track & Field athlete.


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