Kendall Schmidt

By Kendall Schmidt, NPC Bikini Competitor/Fitness Model

Kendall Schmidt

“My training schedule is always very hectic. Between teaching multiple group exercise classes a day, training clients, and getting in my own workouts, I am almost always going into my weight training a little fatigued. After a few weeks of my PEAK ATP trial, I noticed several changes in my performance. Overall, I feel my performance was better maintained throughout my workout, allowing me to finish as strong as I started. My muscles seem less fatigued after workouts of the same intensity, which allow me to push a bit further. Later in the day or the following morning I do not feel nearly as sore as I would have prior to using PEAK ATP, making it easier to get back to the gym and carry on with my work and my workouts. I would say the area I feel the greatest difference is during high intensity anaerobic sprints and explosive plyometric exercises. I don't measure my vertical, but I feel as though I am jumping higher and am able to get in more repetitions before hitting the wall. My sprints feel more powerful and require less rest between intervals. Also, I appreciate that this product does not cause any shakiness or jitters like stimulant based performance enhancing supplements do.”

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