Moon et al. 2023

PEAK ATP® improves cognitive function following exercise.

The study examined the acute effect of PEAK ATP® vs. placebo on cognitive function, reaction time, multiple object tracking and mood in healthy men and women before and after a fatiguing exercise protocol.  

In this placebo-controlled crossover study 20 adults that were healthy, recreationally active individuals between ages 18-40 participated in the 14-day study.  Subjects were given PEAK ATP® or placebo to ingest before performing an all-out three-minute sprint test on a cycle erometer (3MT).  

Researchers measured visuomotor reaction time, multiple object tracking speed, mood and cognition before and after participants' high-intensity exercise bouts. Researchers found that subjects supplementing with PEAK ATP® maintained proactive reaction time and improved reactive reaction time following a high-intensity sprint exercise.  The study also showed that PEAK ATP® supplementation was able to decrease the number of errors during a reactive visuomotor task.  It also suggested that ATP may mitigate exercise induced cognitive dysfunction.   


Moon JM, Dufner TJ, Wells AJ. Evaluating the effects of PeakATP® supplementation on visuomotor reaction time and cognitive function following high-intensity sprint exercise. Front Nutr. 2023;10:1237678. Published 2023 Aug 4. doi:10.3389/fnut.2023.1237678.  View here.

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